Vacation = Journey and Destination is the culmination of planning by individuals  that are captivated by travel.    Get ready to visit a brand new and extremely innovative web-based  travel destination.  We’ll keep you posted right here!

VJD was developed as a method to keep good friends, which were heading off into different directions on the globe, together. At that time the V, the J and the D represented the locations in the world where most of us were heading off to.

Fidelity Business Group,LLC.  became the financial arm of   Yep, it takes some “moolah ” to transcribe what’s in your mind into an organized business model.

Now we are a subsidiary of the Fidelity Business Group, LLC and are forced to work for the man.  Help us!  Our work conditions are hideous and  we work in a small second floor office in a very small town in Arkansas. Actually, we moved, all the way to Inglewood, CA.   We still don’t hear English on the streets, but it’s home, and it’s near a giant airport, and planes go right over our roof.

No, that’s not true, but we had you thinking!!!   Actually, the Fidelity Business Group, LLC  did acquire our, and all it’s intellectual property.  All things considered nothing has actually changed, except for the size of our network of websites.  We are considerably larger now and have expanded our internet reach into the millions.  Oh yeah, we opened a second office just north of Las Vegas, actually, a bit more than just north, Saint George , Utah.  We can’t get anything right!!   Actually, it’s beautiful and we consider it to be the starting point for spectacular trips.  Oh, and the connection speeds up there are amazing!!

Did we mention that our   Inglewood , California  office is in a refurbished Mexican restaurant-style building and we work on nail-less tables made by Amish people and sit on hard wooden chairs, also made by Amish people.  There are mismatched living room sets that remind us of our roots and the mini Fiat van, brought back by a founding member, adorns the main lobby of the restaurant style office,constantly reminding us (at least one of us) where we came from.  Our resources may be much larger, but in all honesty, not much has changed.

Reading this must have felt like the most productive part of your day.  We, your overlords, at the Fidelity Business Group, LLC would like to thank you for letting these maggots at VJD feel like they matter and have something to do.



Thank you again for spending the time to understand how we came to be.




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