Video Journal Depot

VJD was developed as a method to keep good friends, which were heading off into different directions on the globe, together. The V, the J and the D represented the locations in the world where most of us were heading off to.  Since email was in its infancy, sparse in popularity amongst mainstream, snail mail still got much of the nod.  As email gained popularity we also evolved into steady electronic communications, subsequently reducing our need for stamps. An abode, which contained the most tech savvy member, received all the input from all over the world, we named it the Video Journal Depot.

As time passed, synergy persisted and the choice was made for each member of VJD to acquire a domain name that best represented their passion.  Subsequently, VJD became the home for a vast array of eclectic websites, and their requisite video journal that became ubiquitous to so many. The original members of VJD did cast a wide net and expanded the continued perseverance of Passion, Determination and Friendship to this day.

We folded in all the business-based websites into Fidelity Business Group,LLC.  Now we are a subsidiary of the Fidelity Business Group, LLC and are forced to work for the man.  Help us!  Our work conditions are hideous and work in an electronic sweatshop in Thailand.

No, that’s not true, but we had you thinking!!!   Actually, the Fidelity Business Group, LLC  did acquire our Video Journal Depot.  All things considered nothing has actually changed, except for the size of our network of websites.  We are considerably larger now and have expanded our internet reach into the millions.

Now we work in El Segundo, California in a refurbished Mexican restaurant-style building and work on nail-less tables made by Amish people and sit on hard wooden chairs, also made by Amish people. The office views are considerably more concentrated with the likes of Aerospace Corp, Raytheon and Northrup Grumman. There are mismatched living room sets that remind us of our roots and the mini Fiat van, brought back by a founding member, adorns the main lobby constantly reminding us (at least one of us) where we came from.  Our resources may be much larger, but in all honesty, not much has changed.

Reading this must have felt like the most productive part of your day.  We, your overlords, at the Fidelity Business Group, LLC would like to thank you for letting these maggots at VJD feel like they matter and have something to do.

In conclusion, we, the deserving guardians of a simple and genuine means of both communications and expressions of passions declare that, without and guilt, we appreciate your time to learn about our many excursions that have resulted in our  inclusion in the Fidelity Business Group, LLC a company that doubt carries a similar  set of passions and pursuits, save for the inconsiderate green carpet  that graces our every step in our office!


Thank you again for spending the time to understand how we came to be.


FYI, we thought we’d share one of the pictures ,we had on hand,  of our last office in Arkansas (the little white office).  The air was beautiful, the seasons were predictable  the Mayeberryesque feeling was present, but sharing the  56.6 KBPS  connection, with several people was murder.  Times, they are a-changin’ and we’ve now heard that our old office now boasts Arkansas finest gentleman’s club.  Internet speeds have remained unchanged.



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